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    TIRI Sincerely Welcomes Collaborative Partner of NSTDA-MTEC from Thailand and NTHU (2024/05/09)

    TIRI collaborates with NSTDA-MTEC from Thailand and Prof. Ruey-An Doong's research team from NTHU to work on the NSTDA-NARLabs Joint Research Program (JRP). [More]
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    Welcome Dr. Hsun-Jen Chuang from U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to TIRI (2024/04/29)

    Dr. Hsun-Jen Chuang, who is now serving at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, visits TIRI on April 29 to deliever a profesisonal talk on 2D heterostructures.  [More]

Opto-electro-mechanical System

System Design & Integration

Optical System Design & Integration

Optoelectric Remote Sensing

Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings

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Advanced Thin Film Equipment Development

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Instrumentation for Discovery, Innovation for Better Life


To pioneer in instrument-related frontier research foreseen by the nation

To develop instrument technology required by the industry, help upgrade industrial technology, and promote industry economic benefit

To cultivate the talents, encourage self-making instrument, and advance instrumentation standard

In the field of opto-electro-mechanical system and vacuum technology, TIRI sustainably develops its optical, electronic and mechanical technology capabilities to build up an innovative model for academia-research-industry cooperation. With its innovation and customization, TIRI is dedicated to bridging the industry and academia through providing advanced technologies. Our long term prospect is to advance national science and academic research competence, achieve global excellence, promote economic value, and improve the quality of lives for the public.

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