TIRI offers standard testing and calibration services, including 23 testing services and 4 calibration services, all of which conform to ISO/IEC 17025 international standards. All 27 items have been certified by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). TIRI can provide combined ILAC-MRA Mark calibration reports recognized internationally (80 economies and 90 accredited institutions). Each year, TIRI issues more than 200 test and calibration reports.

Certification items and brief introductions of the laboratories are described below:

TAF Accredited Laboratories Certification Items Measurand Level / Range Smallest Uncertainty
TIRI Vacuum Standard Laboratory
(Lab No.: 0081)
KA2014 Pitch Standard 100 nm 4.5 nm
> 100 nm to 200 nm 5.9 nm
> 200 nm to 500 nm 13 nm
> 500 nm to 1000 nm 25 nm
> 1000 nm to 2000 nm 49 nm
KA2014 Pitch Standard (100 to 10000) nm 0.01×P
(P in nm)
KG3005 Filter ≧ 30%, < 50 %
0° incidence 0° detection, transmittance, wavelength range: 500 nm to 950 nm
KD2002 0.13 mPa to 0.013 Pa 13%
KD2003 0.13 Pa to 133 Pa 0.014 + 0.038 P (P in Pa)
KD2003 0.13 Pa to 133 Pa 0.015 + 0.036 P (P in Pa)
TIRI Electro-Optical Measurement and Calibration Laboratory
(Lab No.: 1529)
KG3027 Gloss Standard Plate (70 to 100) GU (20º) 0.80 GU
(81 to 100) GU (60º) 0.76 GU
(98 to 100) GU (85º) 0.87 GU
TIRI Electro-Optical Measurement and Calibration Laboratory
(Lab No.: 2340)
O 996 Radius of Curvature convex curvature ≧ 5 mm
concave curvature ≧ 6 mm
O 005 Refractive Index 1.3000 nD to 1.7200 nD
TIRI Biomedical Platform Laboratory
(Lab No.: 3291)
E 001 Electronics Medical Device (total of 19 items) IEC 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment -
Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance
1. Power Input Test
2. Humidity Reconditioning Treatment
3. Legibility of Markings
4. Durability of Marking Test
5. Low Voltage Reliability
6. Voltage or Charge Limitation
7. Working Voltage Measurement
8. Dielectric Voltage Withstand
9. Ball Pressure
10. Stability and Transportability
11. Handle Loading Test
12. Temperature Test
13. Interruption of Power Supply
14. Abnormal Operation and Single Fault Conditions
15. Enclosure Mechanical Strength
16. Drop Test
17. Mold Stress Relief Test
18. Reversed Battery Connection / Overcharging
19. Leakage Current Test
M 005 Bending Test ASTM F382 Standard Specification and Test Method for Metallic Bone Plates Flat Bone Plates Only
M 006 Fatigue Test ISO7206-4 Implants for surgery – Partial and total hip joint prostheses – Part 4: Determination of endurance properties and performance of stemmed femoral components
Frequence ≦ 30 Hz
Load: (0.1 to 7.5) kN, Compression

Vacuum Standard Laboratory (TAF Lab No.: 0081)

TIRI's Vacuum Standard Laboratory is the first facility of its kind to receive CNLA calibration certification. This laboratory serves industry, government, academia, and research institutions, and it issues over 100 calibration certification reports each year. Furthermore, this is the only laboratory in Taiwan to perform optical calibration related to film reflectance and film transmittance (KG 3005); it provides comprehensive spectrum measurement services to academic and industrial users. These laboratories employ scanning probe microscopes and scanning electron microscopes to provide pitch standard calibration services in the ranges of (100 - 10,000) nm and (100 - 2,000) nm (KA 2014) respectively. Calibration results are based on the weights and measures of international institutions such as Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) from Germany and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) from the UK. Thus, domestic testing laboratories can benefit from these results and save substantial calibration costs and waiting time (3 to 6 months) of sending samples overseas. In response to customers' instrument calibration needs, TIRI also provides customized, high-precision pitch standard (standard deviation < 0.3%) services, which contributed to TIRI receiving the 8th R&D Creativity Award for Measurement Science and Technology as well as the 9th and 11th Outstanding Measurement Engineer Award from the Chinese Metrology Society.

Electro-Optical Measurement and Calibration Laboratory (TAF Lab No.: 1529 and 2340)

This is the first laboratory to apply for TAF accreditation after TIRI became a member of NARLabs. This facility receives two laboratory accreditation numbers because it offers certification items including calibration and testing. The three certification items consist of gloss standard plate (KG 3027), radius of curvature (O 999), and refractive index (O 005). It is the first laboratory in Taiwan to offer certified testing reports for items as radius of curvature and index of refraction. This laboratory advocates the policy of ensuring precision quality, being innovative, showing respect for others, and positive teamwork.

Biomedical Platform Laboratory (TAF Lab No.: 3291)

Biomedical Platform Lab (TAF number: 3291): There are 19 certification items for electronics medical devices, including “power input test”, “humidity reconditioning test”, “legibility of markings”, “durability of marking test”, “low voltage reliability”, etc.; standard specification and test method for metallic bone plates is for flat bone plate only. Our laboratories embrace the goal of providing the best quality and credible services. In addition to our internationally recognized measurement services to domestic and foreign industry, academic, and research institutions, TIRI has also established a solid foundation for the development of instrument technologies with the calibration capability. It is expected to further perfect Taiwan's technological standards and product quality.