Welcome the Delegate of the Innovate UK and British Companies from the United Kingdom (2024/06/05)


Through the arrangement of the Science & Innovation Section of British Office Taipei, the Delegate of the Innovate UK and British Companies visits TIRI on June 5. The delegate has a great lab tour and all the members are all impressive about TIRI's R&D capabilities and customized services related to semiconductor industry and instrumentation in optics. Both sides have exchanged professional information and look forward to build up future collaboration.

The members of the delegate include Louise Hooker, the Global Business Innovation Programme Manager, Giulia Pratico, the Innovation and Growth Specialist of Innovate UK Business Growth, Dr. Iain Mauchline, the Innovation Lead – Electronics, Sensors & Photonics of Innovate UK, David Campbell-Molloy, the Asia Partnership Manager of Innovate UK, Dr. Amir Rabani, the Managing Director of Advancete Limited, Dr. Andrew Robertson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Bay Photonics, Erik Cox, the New Business Development Manager of Gencoa, Caroline O'Brien, CEO of Kubos Semiconductors, Dr. James Spall, Co Founder of Lumai, Teja Potocnik, CEO and Founder of Nanomation, Dr. Gwen Wyatt-Moon, CEO of ProSpectral, James Ashforth Pook, Co-Founder & CEO of ULTRARAM™, Dr. Jack Ng, the Business Development Manager of Skylark Lasers, Ginell Hsu, the officer of the Science & Innovation Section of British Office Taipei.