A Collision of Professional Research: Prof. Tadaaki Nagao gave an impressive seminar for TIRI researchers (2023/09/05)


Prof. Chao-Ching Ho from NTUST and Prof. Jia-Han Li from NTU accompanied Prof. Tadaaki Nagao to TIRI on September 5, 2023. Prof. Tadaaki Nagao is currently serving at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and the Department of Condensed Matter Physics in Hokkaido University of Japan. During the visit at TIRI, Prof. Nagao had lab tours on vacuum / optical technologies and applications, knowing the most updated R&D capabilities and services of TIRI. Meanwhile, Prof. Nagao delievered an impressive talk on "Planar nanophotonic structures for photothermal and emitter device applications", having a great discussion with TIRI resarchers and looking forward to making collaborative connection in the near future.